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hey chickens,

i'm really sorry guys i've done my answers but can't post them til 2mo morning, they'll be done by lunchtime, i'm really sorry if you need your particular questions answered sooner just let me know on 0422 554 594! :)

luv chook~!!


hi everyone! have put all the info together for main issues found in the literature, it might be too long but it was hard to do, i cut heaps of stuff out! i can cut it down if neccessary, tell me what u think. how are we going to go about handing this in on thursday? i have work in the afternoon, do we need to meet in the morning or something if people are free?




hi guys brooke will post her in text refs soon - i think she said tonight might have said tomorrow, but they will be there for you anyway! jane.


Hi Michelle,

Dont knwo if you'll get this before Thursday. Your bit was about 700 words, if you can cut it down a bit that would be great as we only have 2000 or so words for the whole assignment. If you cant really cut it down anymore, its ok, very understandable and we'll sort something out. If you feel you'll be cutting out too much important stuff dont worry about it, i think this has to be the biggest bit anyway cos its a discussion of the main issues so maybe we can cut down on other areas.

Let us know how you go, and dont worry too much about it.



Hi everyone

Please dont forget to do your individual critiques of your two articles and post them here by wednesday so we can put the whole asssignment together.

Thanks everyone!



Hello again!

I've uploaded my critiques on the site, i think it should be under the "files" tab, as an attachment.

If you guys could do that it would be great :)



hi girls

i did a bit of an edit on my part, took out 50 or so words which is not much.. i think that some of what i've written might be repeated in the section discussing the effects on family health, so we can look at things again when that part is finished and might be able to cut it down again. i think we have to hand our journal articles in too with our assignment.. my critiques and articles have been uploaded and are under 'files'.




Hi girls

Please put your info up ASAP, I've strted to put it all together and would really really appreciate it if you could post ALL your stuff ASAP!!-this includes your part, your individual critiques and articles you have used. If you could attach your critiques and articles under the "Files" tab like michelle and I have done it would be a GREAT help because then i can just print them straight from the link.

Also, could i have a copy of all your student numbers so i can included them in the assignment.

GREAT work so far everyone, and its almost done! yay!

I just need your stuff soon please so i can put it all together and get it out of our hands ASAP tomorrow!

Thanks everyone! :)



tamara you're a good egg :) my student number is 12872589, and if you need any additional info real quick my mob no is 0418908550 so u can msg me if u need a quick response. am working 9-430 tommorrow so i appreciate all the work you're doing putting this together. and i noticed when i was writing my part that we have two Tammentie et al. studies both published in 2004, so i've put them in my part as 2004a and 2004b, hope that makes sense! might have to watch that when the referencing is being done. will be glad when this semester is over!! all these assignments!! cheers and good luck. michelle :)


Hi again

Sorry to do this to you but there are 2 articles by Tammentie et al., Jane has done one and michlle has done another. Being a smart chook, Michelle has labelled them 2004a and 2004b in the end reference list. Her one is the 2004a one, and Jane's is the 2004b one, so when you do all your intext referencing, you'll need to reference them as either 2004a if they have come from Michelle's info or 2004b if it has come from Jane's info. I know its confusing but its important that it gets done like that so the two articles are distiguishable. Eg: Tammentie et al., 2004a and Tammentie et al., 2004b.

Hope thats easy enough to understand!



hey tam! thanks heaps for this, my # is 1289 5609,

cheers big ears!

Chook :D


Brooke, I still need another critique from you, I've only got one.




Tam It's up finally very sorry it took forever. student num 12893166. Critique coming.



I need your student number please!




hey tam!

i'm sorry i was falling asleep at the computer last nite but have done the other critque and posted it now. i think i've done all of it?! thanku and everyone else for everything, msg me if u need anything else!

Chook :D


Critiques of Tammentie b and burke are now in the files section. Thank you so very very much tam for putting this all together. And thanks everyone for all your hard work too. You all rock. jane.

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